SDRstickĀ® has its own GNU Radio Source Block and extio.dll for HDSDR. The upper image is a screenshot of an Ubuntu desktop with an UDPSDR-HF1 configured for SSB reception using GNU Radio. In the middle image an UDPSDR-HF2 is running under HDSDR. With either the HF1 or HF2, the entire 20M band can be displayed at one time. The maximum display bandwidth of HF1 is 1.25MHz. For HF2 it is 1.92MHz. This is a limitation of the 10/100 Ethernet interface on the BeMicroSDK. It is not a limitation of the HF1 and HF2 front ends.

The HF1 and HF2 firmware can emulate the UDP transport protocol of an OpenHPSDR Hermes or Metis/Mercury board set. Used in conjunction with ghpsdr3-alex software it can be set up as a server that is accesible from any location that has a reasonable internet connection.

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